Aboys Fresh Lumpia

It's 2023!!!!

Start the year right the delicious and natural way. Get your treat of the freshest and tastiest lumpia, and enjoy  a healthy meal without worrying abut those extra calories - only at Aboy's Fresh Lumpia. 


We will have a temporary stall in SM Molino from Dec 1,2016 to Jan 31, 2017!!!

Visit us at the 2F and satisfy your craving for our delicious, mouth-watering, fresh lumpia. You’ll enjoy the tasty goodness of our all-veggie concoction, spiced up with garlic, seaweeds and ground nuts, and topped with our special springroll sauce. All-natural, all veggie, super deliciously healthy!!! 

New Store Location

Aboy's Fresh Lumpia Opens in Calamba!!!

Aboy's Fresh Lumpia launched it's first Laguna branch at SM Calamba on October 30, 2014!!! Residents of Calamba and nearby towns can now enjoy the tasty and sumptuous goodness of an all-veggie fresh lumpia - as natural and home-made as you can get them from your own kitchen! Come visit us and indulge on this heavenly and deliciously healthy treat - only from Aboy's Fresh Lumpia!!!

Aboy's Fresh Lumpia


Aboy's Fresh Lumpia offers a healthy, reasonably priced, and  home-made tasting fresh spring roll that is sure to delight the taste buds of young and old alike. It is a spin-off  from the more expensive Chinese spring rolls available in Chinese restaurants and delis, turning the concept into a food cart business, thus  making it more affordable and accessible to a greater number of Filipino consumers. 

Fresh Lumpia in EGG Wrapper - 50php only!
 A must try. Worth it.

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